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Leverage WhatsApp as platform to accept orders. Create a digital menu for your Restaurant or Bar. Share with your clients and let them order via Mobile.
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Features that get you results

With this tool, they can create both a digital menu and the QR for it. Next, the customer goes to the menu, makes the order, and sends the order on WhatsApp.

Digital Menu
Ordering Via Chat
Payment Methods
Jump Start To Ordering
Views And Orders Analytics
Know Your Customers
Order Tracking

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Scan the QR code to open the menu on your phone. Make an order and send it on our demo WhatsApp. No, we will not deliver it to you :)

For Restaurant Owners

Create a digital menu for your Restaurant or Bar. Share with your clients and let them order via Mobile

Create you digital e-menu in less than 10 min
Get new orders notifications with sounds alerts
Accept or reject orders and send status to clients

For Customers

The customer can find the link to the menu of the restaurant on Social platforms, word of mouth via friend or if they scan the QR.

They have the best digital menu creator. Together with the QR code generator it is best on market
Mazen Hammoud  -  Founder of PastaNow

Your digital menu simple, fast and fun

Digital menu creator
Create your own digital menu and place all your products with the ability to add categories and extras.
See your clients - orders
Manage all food orders that you receive and accept or reject and notify customers of the status of the order.
Perfect on web - mobile
Use WhatsFood on any device, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone or tablet.
No problems with delivery addresses
Earn the loyalty of your customers by providing a very accurate and error-free delivery service
No disappearance of customer data
Maintain a complete database of all customers with the ability to communicate with them later
No errors in orders
By using WhatsFood, you make the order error rate to zero percent.
No waste of staff time
Increase the productivity of your employees by gaining more time by receiving orders on WhatsApp

What problems does WhatsFood solve?

By using  WhatsFood , you eliminate a set of problems that exhaust any restaurant owner.

Wasting employee time answering daily calls
Losing customers by repeating wrong and slow delivery addresses
Problems with poor internet and communication networks

Hear what Clients around the world saying about WhatsFood.

We knew that we need tool like this one. And we finally found it. Managing orders faster than ever.
Hilal Awada  -  Founder of RestQatar
No more 30% fee on food delivery platforms. This is super cheap platforms thant saved us ton of money.
Pierre Hattab  -  Founder of Chickenlabs
We where previously chatting with customers on whatsapp so they can order. This is next level.
Maxim Rabbat  -  Founder of Restleb

99.9% restaurants love WhatsFood. Not convinced you’re one?We love a challenge.

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